Welcome to Hillside Cemetery Association, which maintains and operates Hillside Cemetery at 166 Wallingford Road and Cheshire Street Cemetery at 1461 Cheshire Street. The Cheshire Hillside Cemetery Association Inc. was formed in 1962. The cemeteries are currently managed by a Board of Directors and maintained by a Superintendent. The primary individuals are as follows:
President - Charles Kurtz
Superintendent - Thomas Perry
Secretary & Treasurer - Phyllis Perry
Our cemeteries are both non-sectarian burial grounds.
Our two cemeteries are the oldest in town, having been started soon after the first settlements. Cheshire Street cemetery was the original town burying ground, and Hillside cemetery includes an old section which was originally owned by the First Congregational Church.

The first burial in the new cemetery burying ground (Hillside Cemetery) was in 1726. The Congregational Church operated the burial ground until the early 1870's. Control was then turned over to the Town of Cheshire, who later purchased the part which is now called the East Section. The Brookside Section consisting of seventeen acres, was purchased in 1958, and in 1970 two additional parcels were purchased from Herbert Coleman and the Methodist Church. The cemetery's became a separate corporation run by a Board of Directors in 1962.
Regardless of an individual's religious beliefs, a death leaves a void in their lives that only time and their own individual support system can help fill. A final resting place is an important symbol for the family and friends. It should be a place of peace and beauty where they can ease their thoughts while they come to terms with their loss.

Cheshire Hillside Cemetery has been serving the area's needs since the early 1700s and has taken on the responsibility of providing area residents with a "remembering place". The calm beauty is lovingly maintained and is ensured in perpetuity, funded from a portion of each lot or family memorial estate purchased. Cheshire Hillside Cemetery has compassionate professionals available to answer questions about burial estates whether needed in the immediate or distant future. We can assist you with pre-need burial arrangements to prevent your loved ones from having to deal with details during a time of emotional crisis or with a financial burden. We offer in-ground interment or cremation niches.

We're committed to assisting families with dignity and compassion by providing a memorial park that will remain beautiful and tranquil throughout the centuries. Call for a confidential appointment.
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